last ditch - /ˌlɑːst ˈdɪtʃ /
Alt. last-ditch
Etym. Possibly from a military sense.
1. adj. (idiom.) final, as a last resort; done in desperation. The company hired a new consultant in a last-ditch effort to make the project viable.
2. n. a place of last resort.
Usage: Often in the phrase last-ditch attempt or last-ditch effort

last ditch consulting - /ˌlɑːst ˈdɪtʃ kənˈsʌltiŋ /
1. LLC. solver of complex business problems when all efforts by others have failed to find a solution: savior.
2. LLC. a different kind of consulting company compensated according to value achieved as determined by the client.

What do we do?

Last Ditch Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specialized in information based innovation. We offer highly customized services focussed on:

  • vision and business strategy: we help companies to articulate a vision and define a strategy. Our approach is both inductive and deductive, and based on solid information.

  • mathematics and their applications, including and not limited to data science and algorithms.

  • any other matter that requires serious thinking and collecting good information.

Last Ditch Consulting is thinking power for hire, with a focus on all facets of information driven results, from ideas to the most technical matter.

  • we defined a 10 years product roadmap for a media and advertisement company. If 10 years seems a long time, that roadmap stood the test of time for 5 years and to this day, has no reason to be changed.

  • we built custom predictive algorithms that improve run time on a single machine by a factor 1,000 (yes, one thousand!), and accuracy by 60%. The original algorithms were built by … another consulting company.

  • how a seemingly sound sustainable initiative is aiming for failure in the long run by not considering the reserve of some rare earth elements.

Last Ditch Consulting was born from discussions with executives in various corporations who had similar experiences with consulting firms: lots of money spent, lots of presentations seen, but no great results, and sometimes, no useful result at all.

If you have been there, this may be for you, but you should read the Q&A section on how we work and our pay for result model.

First, do not contact us if your problem can be solved by others. We are only interested in helping you where everyone else fails. We do not want simple problems. We only deal with the most complex ones that require highly customized solutions which do not come out of the box.